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Our EMDR Consultation

Tzu-Chen, Therapist

I’ve had EMDR consults with Hannah since October of 2019. She is professional and knowledgeable, and is well versed in treating trauma with EMDR. She analyzes cases I presented in consults through the lens of AIP model, object relations and Ego State Therapy, which I found extremely beneficial in expanding my clinical views in case conceptualization. I was a newly trained EMDR therapist when I met Hannah, and she was like my EMDR mentor, helped me build skills and expertise in the fields of trauma and EMDR. I am grateful for having Hannah to walk me along the path to become an EMDR certified therapist.

Laura K., Therapist

I learned so much from consulting with Hannah and I've recommended her to many colleagues. I have consulted with her about some of my most complex clients and I have come away from our sessions with effective and creative strategies and ideas.  She coached me through the EMDR certification process and she was super affirming and supportive.  She also really helped me to feel more confident about using EMDR and ego state therapy for treating complex trauma.  And I just really enjoy working from and learning from her.  She is great!

Michelle R., Therapist

My time working with Hannah was some of the most impactful growth I have experienced in my practice of EMDR and in my development as a psychotherapist. She is a walking EMDR encyclopedia and also very collaborative. Her ability to see the bigger picture and help me integrate other modalities was immeasurable. She is a joy to work with!


Our EMDR Training

Ashley P., Therapist

Hannah is a spectacular instructor who designed the EMDR training in an intentional way that combined knowledgeable lecture, guided exercise, and supportive feedback. As someone who struggles with strict lecture trainings, I found the mix of teaching styles and the flow of the training to be very helpful. I really enjoyed the environment Hannah curated, which felt both safe and challenging.

Jing, Therapist

EMDR Training with Hannah was an exceptional experience! She is a great trainer who is very engaging and knowledgeable. In her training, I learned how to practice EMDR with clients, how to conceptualize, and how to adjust based on client’s responses. It has been so rewarding to see that the tools I learned are helping my clients with complex trauma recover from the past, and become more resilient! Hannah also made the training so informative and nurturing that I opened my mind to engage and learn eagerly. By the end the training, everyone who attended the training naturally built a supportive community together. I have recommended Hannah’s training to a lot of my peers. If you are interested in learning EMDR, reaching out to Hannah is going to be a really good start!

Annie R., Supervisor

Even though my team commuted to the training, which caused some exhaustion, they all commented separately on what an amazing experience this was as an in person training, connecting with other therapists, practicing in person with each other, and all three had nothing but praise for Hannah’s teaching skills, particularly around engaging participants.

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