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Advanced EMDR Consultation

At this stage of EMDR, you know your strengths and want to continue your development to include teaching others. There are two steps you can take to this end, becoming an Approved Consultant and afterwards a Trainer. During this time, the goal switches from learning standard protocol to focusing on enhancing your skills in providing feedback to other clinicians. You will receive support in improving your teaching skills, providing consultation and training, and developing clinicians.

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Enhance Skills & Learn to Teach Others

  • Our advanced consultation is online and is for those who have completed EMDR Certification

  • Enhance and hone your understanding of EMDR

  • Learn how to become a leader within EMDR Therapy and the skills required to lead others in their pursuit

  • Gain expertise around EMDR tools and practices with complex individuals

  • Develop the skills to discern what modalities are appropriate within varying contexts 

  • Learn how to balance standard protocol with flexibility

  • Practice providing support and consultation to other EMDR therapists

  • Receive feedback on your skills and ability to provide consultation

  • Learn how to provide culturally-attuned quality feedback to develop other EMDR therapists

  • Practice skills needed to support clinicians in learning and developing their EMDR skills

At Completion

  • You have the option to achieve "Approved Consultant" status with EMDRIA

Additional Details

  • $75/group session, $150/individual session

  • Must be EMDR Certified

  • A mixture of group and individual sessions are required


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