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EMDR Consultation

In consultation, you will receive continued education and support to improve your EMDR skills with the individuals you serve. The focus on consultation will be conceptualizing your cases in a culturally-attuned EMDR framework so that you feel confident in applying EMDR in a compassionate, helpful manner. During consultation, we will use the individual's goals for therapy to guide them in reclaiming their identity through the healing of historic and modern trauma.

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Resources & Consultation

  • Our consultation is online and is for those who have completed EMDR Basic Training

  • Develop a robust understanding of the Standard EMDR Protocol

  • Develop a culturally-attuned EMDR framework that honors and understands the many dynamics people experience

  • Participate in consultation through group and individual meetings to meet clinical goals or achieve certification

  • Engage in regular meetings to discuss, analyze and provide guidance around your therapy to develop the expertise and confidence to be effective in your work

  • Receive support in modifying EMDR for complex-trauma clients

  • For those interested in EMDR certified status, review, training and the support required for this certification will be provided

At Completion

  • You have the option to achieve "EMDR Certified" status with EMDRIA

Individual Consultation

Individual consultation allows for a focused look into case presentations to facilitate a better understanding of treatment progression using the Adaptive Information Processing model of EMDR Therapy. Individual meetings are tailored to your current developmental understanding of EMDR and your learning style. The time is yours to address your EMDR questions, concerns with practicing EMDR, and individual strengths.


EMDRIA requires that those working towards EMDRIA Certification must have at least 10 of the 20 consultation hours completed in individual consultation.


Individual Consultation is $100/hour


Group Consultation 

Group consultation allows you to hear a variety of case presentations from different clinicians that may give you a new perspective and understanding of using EMDR Therapy in your own practice. EMDR Therapy is still at the center of group consultation, with a focus on developing skills and abilities within practice.


Up to 10 of the 20 consultation hours for EMDRIA Certification can be acquired in group consultation.

Group Consultation is $50/hour per person

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