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EMDR Basic Training

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Knowledge & Development

  • Complete a 50-hour EMDRIA-approved EMDR training with an emphasis on complex trauma

  • Establish a framework and foundation for the value of EMDR and its practice

  • Identify how EMDR fits in a liberatory praxis

  • Learn how to practice EMDR therapy

  • Gain a basic understanding of complex trauma and its effects

  • Develop skills to use EMDR with complex trauma

  • Receive feedback on your utilization of EMDR

At Completion

  • You will achieve "EMDR Trained" status with EMDRIA

About this In-Person Training

Dates: September 5-7 and November 14-16, 8am-4pm

Cost: $1195

Registration: Please email for further information and to register

This is a four month training to include 40 full hours of direct training, 10 hours of consultation, and three required readings. Direct training will be provided on Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) theory, using the Standard Protocol to administer EMDR Therapy, and modifying the protocol for special populations. Consultation will include reviewing and providing feedback on case formulations and providing support to individuals in utilizing the treatment modality.


Clinicians will be able to identify the cultures and cultural ideology that bilateral stimulation derives from, cultural considerations when processing trauma, and the special considerations when using EMDR Therapy with complex trauma. Three required readings will be utilized: Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, Third Edition by Francine Shapiro (2018), Go With That Magazine Fall 2020, Volume 25, Issue 3, and EMDRIA’s Guidelines for Virtual EMDR Therapy (n.d.).

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